Risk Management för Executives


Understand the challenges of measuring risk and integrating risk measurement into the firms’ strategy and operations.


May 19-20 and June 2-3, 2016


IFL Executive Conference Center, Stockholm Sweden

Otto Beisheim School of Management (WHU), Frankfurt, Germany

Risk Management Program for Executives

The Risk Management Program for Executives provides new perspectives on the strategic implications of Risk Management. The program challenges standard thinking by providing key frameworks, tools and techniques that helps to identify and manage key risks in interconnected and changing systems.

From a practical point of view, participants will learn to successfully implement risk-management plans, prioritize inputs and strategic outcomes that minimize the impact of knowns and unknowns. The program is entirely case based and involves the active participation of attendees in scenario planning, and simulation exercises.

The program is based on a long-term collaboration between SSE – Stockholm School of Economics and WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management (WHU).

Key program topics

  • In a corporate setting, what is risk, and what is the most fruitful way of thinking about it? How should it be measured?
  • How are risks prioritized?
  • Which risks should be eliminated, moderated, hedged, and mitigated?
  • When is risk a top management responsibility and when can it be delegated?
  • How is the risk management function best organized?
  • How is risk measurement and management integrated into operations?
  • How is risk used to improve and inform operations?
  • How should the interplay with regulation impact risk management?
  • How can the same risk system be used effectively for two separate purposes? Create an enduring network of peers that will provide sustained leadership in the banking sector.

Participant profile 

Board members, chief risk officers, chief financial officers, chief operating officers, risk managers, banking executives, insurance professionals, auditors, financial analysts, regulators, non-financial sector industry executives with significant roles in operational risk management.

SSE – Stockholm School of Economics and WHU and Otto Beisheim School of Management (WHU)

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City Life Conference Center
Adress: Sveavägen 63

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