FERMA advanced Rimap workshop on ERM, Sustainability, and Supply Chain

We would like to tip everyone about FERMA’s upcoming event for Rimap alumni and risk professionals
with at least 3 years of experience!


Who can participate?   
This advanced workshop is open to Rimap alumni and all risk professionals with a minimum of 3 years of professional. It will be limited to 20 participants to promote the interchange of experience among multisectoral and multicultural professionals.




•Short and intensive, practical, and interactive:

◦ Part 0: self-reading books 5 and 6.

◦ Part 1: Workshop presentation – 5 May from 14:00 to 16:00.

◦ Part 2: Group work, from 6 May – 1 June. Different aims per working week.

◦ Part 3: Group presentation and Closing session, 5 June (each presentation of 30 minutes) from 10:00 to 14:30.

◦ Part 4: Optional presentation at FERMA Seminar 2023, 16-17 October.

•Language: English.

•Mentors/Steering Committee:

◦Isabel Martínez Torre-Enciso, PhD., Non Executive Director and Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Vice Dean.

◦Maurizio Castelli, CEO at Augustas Risk Services.

◦Simon Grima, PhD., University of Malta, Head of Insurance Department.

◦Annemarie Schouw, Manager Risk & Insurance Tata Steel Europe at Tata Steel.


Learning outcomes:

• Identifying the risk in the value chain, in terms of ERM strategies.

•Determine strategies to address these risks.

•Ensure business continuity in value supply chain.

• Re-balancing sustainability in the value chain.

•Review risk management practices at operational, tactical and strategic level in the organisation to enhance its long-term resilience.

• Communicate ways to improve the ERM program and/or avoid/limit future sustainability and supply chain risks and be prepared for unpredicted or under-estimated events.

• Formulate and communicate these strategies to a board.



•To take candidates to a higher level of Strategic Risk management.

•To take candidates to a “Mature ERM (Enterprise-wide Risk Management)”

•To familiarize yourself with a mature and dynamic FERMA standard in risk management.

•To acquire knowledge on strategy, governance, sustainability and supply chain.

•To analyze the new position for risk managers as a support in decision making.

•To acquire skills and abilities at a specific advanced level that allow you to become necessary and highly valued collaborators in the decision-making processes of top management and boards of directors.

•Learning to relate and report to the board.

•Gain the advanced Rimap certification level and diploma (for Rimap certified) and a certificate of attendance (not Rimap certified).

•Work in-depth on a sustainability and supply chain Harvard case study.

•Working in a multicultural and multisectoral team of peers.

•Continuous feedback and coaching by the lecturers/mentors.

• 10 CPD points.


Important Remarks:

• Registrations close on 1 May at 12pm.

• Audience is limited to a maximum of 20 seats, allocated on a first-come, first served, although a waiting list is possible.


How to register?
The advanced workshop is subject to a fee of 300€ for members of FERMA National Association and 450€ for other risk professionals.


*Please note that after completing the registration form, you will receive an email from LHWC to finalize the registration process. 


Contact Person: Carmen Lope