Magnus Lindgren, Talare - Risk forum

Political Risk Insurance – Protecting your equity, assets and business in a time of unprecedented political unrest.



Magnus Lindgren, Credit Specialties Leader Nordics, Marsh

In a globalized world economy, companies have business, assets and subsidiaries across the planet. These all constitute values that are at risk during political turmoil and instability – Like the one we are experiencing today. Whether it is physical damage through terrorist acts, riots or wars, or pure economical damage through expropriation or nationalization, these risks can be mitigated by insuring the Political Risk. This topic also stretches into scenarios where the home country, the EU or the USA issues sanctions on a particular country, withdraw licenses or forbid export. In the end, the way we protect our international assets and businesses will also affect stakeholders and investors view of our company. In this session, we will learn how political risk is defined, how insurance can mitigate these risks and what the value are for the company and the stakeholders.



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