Travel Risk Management – Hemma hos SCA


Travel Risk Management: Swedish Risk Managers’ perspective on the management of safety, health and security risks for work-related international travel and assignments.

We will discuss this topic following the paper on ‘Travel Risk Management 2015: European Trends – Understanding Health, Safety and Security risk management for work-related international travel and assignment’  published by FERMA, International SOS Foundation and the EU Occupation Safety and Health Agency (EU-OHSA) at the FERMA Forum in Venice early October.  The paper, which will be prefaced by EU-OHSA will provide information and guidance on organisations’ duty of care for their workers on cross-border assignments. The purpose of the joint paper is to help organisations better understand their duty of care responsibilities towards their employees and dependents and provide them with practical recommendations.

During the seminar we would like to hear your views on this topic of Duty of Care and Travel Risk management, your involvement in your company, your responsibilities, what tools do you use, best practices etc. Also experts from International SOS will share their views.

Risk managers are welcome to invite a colleague from their HR department or other suitable corporate function.

For Risk Managers/Krets 1, SWERMA. Log in to access list of participants and press release!

There is a link in the press release to a download form, where you can download the white paper.



Adress: Klarabergsviadukten 63

Onlinebokning är inte tillgängligt för detta event.