SWERMA / Aon: Protecting your greatest inventions – an overview of IP insurance in an intangible world


US patent litigation was the highest level in 2020 since 2016, with a 10% increase YoY
Many Swedish firms face IP challenges in the US as well as in Europe

With Sweden as a tech hub within Europe, there is a lot of focus on attention on the disruptive technologies being developed. Many Swedish firm seek to distribute their products abroad, including in the US.

IP insurance is being increasingly adopted in the Nordics to help protect and defend IP portfolios.
Most common reasons for buying are as follows:

            To “backstop” the  uncapped IP indemnities customers are increasingly requiring “Business Enablement Cover”.

To smooth the cost of litigation, which costs on average $3M to defend in the US, but could be significantly more with an adverse settlement/damages aware “Defensive Cover”To help fund the cost of enforcing the Policyholder’s IP rights if such rights are thought to be infringed “Offensive Cover”.


  • Will Kier – Head of Risk & Insurance, IP Solutions EMEA
  • Alexandra Towers – Client Manager, IP Solutions EMEA
  • Henry Coates –  Client Manager, IP Solutions EMEA


Open for those who work internally with RM in their compay.

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