Pushing the Efficient frontier: Can you prove to stakeholders you have an Optimal insurance arrangement?


Why do we have a captive and exactly how much value does  it add to our organisation? Are we using it in the most efficient way possible for our company? These questions from stakeholders are simple to ask but difficult to answer. This session will describe how an actuarial and analytical approach to risk management will help you make better decisions and ultimately save money in a justifiable and objective way.

Time: 14.00 – 17.00

The talk will address the following areas:

•             Extracting the most out of your data

•             Why understanding your loss volatility is key to decision making

•             The impact of risk tolerance on your insurance arrangements

•             The Efficient frontier – using models to develop an optimal insurance arrangement and save money

•             Case Studies – how companies have used advanced tools to save money

•             (Q&A)



Pushing the efficient frontier SWERMA 2014 – 3rd June 2014 – Willis


Adress: Lästmakargatan 22

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