Nätverksträff med FM Global – Climate Risk – Measurement and Management


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Join FM Global for an interactive workshop that, through a simulation game, will help you learn how to assess, measure, and mitigate climate risk exposures and understand some of the tools available for climate risk management and reporting

Climate resilience is at the top of the agenda for organizations across the planet. When faced with the challenges climate change brings, executives are looking not only to protect their businesses today but also to ensure business continuity for future success. This workshop will help you better understand how you can positively support climate resilience, through guidance on ways to assess, measure, prioritize and mitigate a variety of climate risk exposures. What are the key climate risks that threaten your business? When should you invest in flood protection for an at-risk facility? How can you effectively prioritize risk mitigation for a factory vulnerable to hurricanes? Answers to questions like these and more will all be revealed through an interactive simulation game, bringing to life the considerations risk managers and the C-suite grapple with when tackling and managing climate risk. With data often a key part of this story, you will also have the opportunity to see some of the leading data-driven solutions which can support your climate resilience.


Date / Datum: 04 december 2024
Time / Tid: TBA
Location / Lokal: TBA

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