European Risk Management Seminar 2020 – Virtual live seminar


About the Ferma Seminar 2020

An exclusive and free virtual educational European event for Risk and Insurance Managers

FERMA’s seminar is a digital learning event organised by European risk managers for European risk managers.
The Seminar is limited to an audience of 250 to promote interchange of experience among professionals.

The programme is:

  • short and intensive
  • practical and interactive

What will be the focus this year? 

The Covid-19 pandemic and its economic consequences are the clearest possible evidence of our ever-growing universe of risk. The 2020 FERMA Risk Management Seminar will help prepare risk managers to support their organisations in this environment. Read more about this year’s focus HERE. 

For whom?

The Seminar is designed for Chief Risk Officers, risk & insurance managers only.

Why register?

If you are looking for a comprehensive education in the most current topics and trends in risk management, this Seminar will help you acquire:

  • Knowledge from the academic and business experience of our experts
  • Concrete learning outcomes
  • Contacts to build a valuable network with peers
  • An exceptional exchange of experiences
  • A European perspective with topics discussed at international level

We promise you an intensive and highly interactive learning experience thanks to our virtual group discussions and based on pragmatic tools complemented by real life case studies with actionable insights.

You will return to your organization with a new understanding of:

  • How do I translate strategic risk issues into financial terms?
  • How do we quantify emerging risks?
  • How can we quantify the value of insurance as a risk mitigation measure in the ERM process?
  • What ways can we compare this value/cost benefit with other mitigation measures?
  • How can I link quantified risks with financial instruments?
  • How can I improve communication with the CFO and why?

Who are the Committee members?

  • Laurent NIHOUL, Chairman, General Manager, Group Head of Insurance, ArcelorMittal
  • Julia GRAHAM, Deputy CEO and Technical Director, Airmic
  • Lea LELIJVELD VAN CINGELSHOUCK, Insurance Risk Manager, Bouwinvest
  • Lene RITZ, Chief Risk Officer and Team Leader, Energinet
  • Bart SMETS, Head of Insurance and Risk, Umicore
  • Stéphane YVON, Insurance Policy Director, EDF

Who is FERMA?

The Federation of European Risk Management Associations (FERMA) speaks for the risk management profession in Europe. We bring together 22 risk management associations in 21 European countries. They represent nearly 5000 professional risk managers active in a wide range of business sectors. FERMA acts on their behalf at European level and promotes the risk management profession. Visit our website for more information:


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